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My name is Adelaide Canova, I am an expert in children’s developmental processes, and hold a master in the topic. During my university education, I specialized in the field of education understanding with a special focus on children with special educational needs.

I have more than thirty years of experience in the field of public and private education, being responsible for the management, coordination, and human resources allocation in school settings. As director of Betzy’s School, I thrive to make responsible decisions as well as planning that guarantees the achievement of the aim of the school. I do my utmost to satisfy the stakeholders (children and parents) in achieving our common goals of reaching an international environment inspired by Montessori and Northern European traditions.

I do my best to guide Betzy’s School, through the definitions of strategies, setting objectives, and securing agile and functional management.

Betzy’s School for me as for all the people that are in the school is a journey towards something, we believe can make a difference for both the children and the parents which are also a huge part of the building something new in Catania, Sicily.

I like to quote Henry Fayol, one of the founders of the managerial sciences, able to give others the courage to take responsibility, when he talks about "leadership" he says that consists of five functions: planning, organization, leadership, coordination, and control. “In general, it can be said that when one raises to a higher level in the work to become the company manager, the time dedicated to operational and managerial functions tends to decrease, while time dedicated to planning, organization, and control functions tends to increase. And I share sensation for this project of Betzy’s School with a person, which is very dear to me, Michael Canova Engelbrecht Nielsen.”

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