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Betzy’s School is an International Kindergarten

(Italian, English and Spanish)

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Betzy’s School is more than just a kindergarten. We are a place for discovery for infants and pre-school kids. It is Betzy’s Schools aim to provide families and children with a healthy and carrying environment that promotes exploration, experimentation, and self-discovery – learn how to learn. We are convinced that the experience with an error in a safe environment is as important as the joy of success. We at Betzy’s School, therefore, invite all our children to discover through themselves their real potential.

Our method

Betzy’s School offers an authentic inspired Montessorian education combined with methods, activities, and fundamental educational principles of the Danish pre-school traditions. We recognize that each child learns differently and therefore there is no single way to learn or teach a child. Thus, the role of the teacher is to carefully observe the child and accompany her or him in hers or his stages of development.

The environment

Betzy’s School creates a unique window of opportunities. The School is a place where the children can respond to the natural interests be it animals, sports, natural science, drama, dancing, yoga, music, singing and much more. Betzy’s School offers a one of a kind physical environment with a new light welcoming interior equipped with the newest IT equipment. As well as entirely renovated outdoor setting with exceptional possibilities to peruse play and learning including a sports field, animal facilities, a herb garden and large pirate ship ready to receive new captains. These particular facilities at Betzy’s school are designed to simultaneously guided and encourage the children to learn how to learn. The goal is to develop the child's ability to independently choose the activities that is the most stimulating in any given time in their development. This will of course be supervised and followed closely by the highly educated teachers at Betzy’s School, which will do this in a trilingual environment.

Language skills

The ability to learn a second and/or a third language to an almost native speaking level is limited to the first 6 years. Scientific studies speak of a curve of language learning which declines already from the age of two to two and a half years. (Eric H. Lenneberg, Biological foundations of language)

The ‘full immersion' program at Betzy’s School allows your child to regularly listen to three languages – Italian, English, and Spanish. The children will enjoin the possibilities of native English and Spanish speaking teachers and thus, absorb the language codes spontaneously


As technology becomes a more and more predominant part of the world Betzy’s School also offers an introduction to the latest IT technology (iPads and Smart TVs) to educate in good use and possibilities for all age groups.

Learn how to learn is the motto of Betzy’s School and the philosophy behind our personalized didactic programs designed for each child at Betzy’s School

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