A Three Lingual International Kindergarten

At Betzy’s School, we’re proud to offer a unique educational experience designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement. Take a look through our site to learn more about us.

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Betzy’s School is more than just a kindergarten. We are a place for discovery for infants and pre-school kids. It is Betzy’s Schools aim to provide families and children with a healthy and carrying environment that promotes exploration, experimentation, and self-discovery – learn how to learn.

We are convinced that the experience with an error in a safe environment is as important as the joy of success. We at Betzy’s School, therefore, invite all our children to discover through themselves their real potential.

What do we focus on ?


At Betzy’s School, language development is a cornerstone of the curriculum. The school employs a trilingual approach, teaching Italian, English, and Spanish. This methodology enhances children’s communication skills and cultural awareness. Language activities include storytelling, reading, writing, singing, and conversational practice, fostering a rich linguistic environment. The integration of multiple languages supports cognitive development and prepares students for global citizenship. The school also incorporates cultural exchange programs and interactions with international interns, further enriching students’ language experiences and broadening their cultural horizons.


Movement is integral to Betzy’s School’s educational philosophy, emphasizing physical development through diverse activities. The curriculum includes structured sports, dance, and free play, promoting coordination, strength, and a lifelong love for physical activity. Regular outdoor activities and the use of playgrounds and gardens provide opportunities for children to engage in nature and enhance their motor skills. The focus on physical education helps in developing teamwork, discipline, and overall physical well-being, ensuring that children grow up healthy and active.


Artistic expression is highly valued at Betzy’s School, with a comprehensive program that includes visual arts, music, theatre, and dance. Children are encouraged to explore various artistic media and techniques, fostering creativity and self-expression. Art projects and performances are integral parts of the curriculum, allowing students to showcase their talents and build confidence. The school’s emphasis on the arts nurtures an appreciation for beauty and culture, while also enhancing cognitive abilities and emotional development through creative endeavors.


The science curriculum at Betzy’s School is designed to ignite curiosity and foster investigative skills. Through hands-on experiments and explorations, children learn about the natural world and basic scientific principles. Activities are tailored to be engaging and age-appropriate, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving. The school’s approach to science education helps children develop a solid understanding of scientific concepts and a lifelong interest in the subject, preparing them for future academic success and informed citizenship.


The foundational subjects of reading, writing, and math are central to the curriculum at Betzy’s School. Reading activities include phonics, storytelling, and comprehension exercises, promoting literacy from an early age. Writing is introduced through fun and interactive tasks that develop fine motor skills and creativity. Math concepts are taught through games, puzzles, and practical applications, making learning enjoyable and relevant. This balanced approach ensures that children develop strong academic skills while maintaining their enthusiasm for learning.

Betzy’s School places a strong emphasis on preparing children for formal schooling. The preschool program focuses on foundational skills in reading, writing, and math, utilizing interactive and engaging methods. Activities are designed to be playful yet educational, fostering a love for learning. The curriculum includes phonics, basic arithmetic, and early literacy activities that build essential academic skills. This preparatory phase ensures that children transition smoothly into primary education, equipped with the necessary knowledge and confidence.

Frequently asked questions

How often do the children practice English and Spanish?
Both English and Spanish are incorporated into various teaching activities to ensure that the children are exposed to foreign languages every day in different situations.
How many teachers at Betzy’s School can speak foreign languages?
Many of our teachers are proficient in at least one foreign language. Additionally, our school collaborates with several international universities, ensuring a wide variety of native-speaking teachers from different countries.
What is the adult-to-child ratio at Betzy’s School?
In the nursery section of Betzy’s, the average ratio is one adult per four children, and in the kindergarten, it’s one adult per six children. During non-peak hours, the ratio becomes even more favorable for the children with more adults per child. This ratio does not include the numerous national and international interns who are also part of the school team, making the ratios even more favorable for the children.
What types of activities are conducted at the school?
At Betzy’s School, we offer various activities tailored to each child’s developmental stage. These activities encompass social interaction and communication stimulation, listening and creativity exercises, cognitive learning, motor skill development, and social understanding. All activities are finely tuned to meet the specific needs and abilities of the children.
Outdoor Facilities and Activities
At Betzy’s School, we offer an extensive range of outdoor facilities and activities to enhance your child’s learning experience. Our outdoor spaces are designed with safety and fun in mind, featuring anti-trauma asphalt surfaces to protect your little ones. These facilities include pet areas, a sandbox, a captivating pirate ship, sports arenas, and a Montessori house. To ensure a safe play environment, we have divided our outdoor spaces into smaller sections, tailored to different age groups.

One of the unique aspects of Betzy’s School is that all our classrooms have direct access to these outdoor facilities, seamlessly integrating them into daily activities and learning opportunities.

Enrollment Age Range
Betzy’s School warmly welcomes children aged 6 months to six years. As an international school, we embrace diversity, with students representing a wide range of languages and cultures. Our teaching staff also come from diverse international backgrounds, ensuring a rich and inclusive educational environment.
Nursery School Bonus
We are pleased to inform you that Betzy’s School qualifies for the Italian nursery school bonus, providing additional financial support to eligible families.
Waiting List and Enrollment
For age groups that are currently at full capacity, Betzy’s School maintains a waiting list. If you wish to secure a seat for your child on a future enrollment date, you can do so by making an advance payment of the enrollment fee.
How many teachers at Betzy’s School can speak foreign languages?
Many of our teachers are proficient in at least one foreign language. Additionally, our school collaborates with several international universities, ensuring a wide variety of native-speaking teachers from different countries.
Communication with Parents

At Betzy’s School, we prioritize transparent communication with parents regarding their child’s progress and development. We continuously monitor each child’s growth and compile observations to share with parents. To facilitate in-depth discussions about your child’s development, we offer personalized meetings with the school’s educational coordinator twice a year, during the autumn and spring seasons.

For more real-time updates and insights into your child’s daily activities, we offer a dedicated parent-school app called Kindertap. Through this app, you can view photos and stay informed about your child’s experiences at Betzy’s School. Additionally, when your child is ready to transition to Italian or international primary schools, we provide a comprehensive final assessment report to support their smooth transition.