Jens Peter Rolf Jacobsen 🇩🇰 🇬🇧

Board member





My name is Jens Peter Rolf Jacobsen, a Danish educational professional and an international external member of the school board, committed to ensuring that the school maintains a strong international focus.

I began my career in Denmark at ‘Den selvejende integrerede institution Krausesvej 5’, where I worked as a pedagogue, managing various responsibilities within a daycare and after-school center for children aged 2-14 over 7½ years. This experience laid the foundation for my career in educational leadership.

My ability to work collaboratively and lead effectively was further developed during my tenure as Deputy Manager at ‘Udflytterbørnehaven Kong Oscar’, where I contributed to maintaining high professional standards while completing my university thesis. This role honed my skills in balancing academic pursuits with practical leadership.

I then advanced to the role of Manager at ‘Phistergårdens Børnehave’, leading a kindergarten for around 41 children aged 3-6. I spearheaded a turnaround following frequent management changes within a year, emphasizing structured improvements and team cohesion. This role underscored my capability to lead in dynamic and challenging environments.

Currently, I serve as the Manager at ‘Åkanden’, a daycare center for approximately 70 children aged 0-6. Here, I have overseen transformative changes focused on commitment, engagement, attention, involvement, democratic values, and social skills. I have also successfully implemented the new Danish act for daycare over the past two years.

My academic background is robust and international in scope. I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Public Administration at Copenhagen Coaching Center. I hold an MA in Educational Psychology from Aarhus University, focusing on professional development in work environments and constructing professional identity among pedagogues. My academic journey also includes a Diploma in Psychology with an emphasis on neuro-psychology and the development of social skills, and a Pedagogue degree from Københavns Pædagog Seminarium.

As an international external member of the school board, I bring a global perspective to the school’s governance. My objective is to lead with a focus on professional development, structured changes, and the implementation of democratic values, ensuring a nurturing and effective educational experience for all students. My international experience and commitment to educational excellence position me to support the school in achieving its goals on a global scale.