Natalia Godoy

Teacher in Spanish & Music





My name is Natalia Godoy, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My approach to music was born at the age of 6 in an art school in my city. I continued my musical education at the Music department at the Faculty of Art, National University of La Plata. I have also engaged in percussion classes and hold having a diploma on the Montessori method.

I have been teaching music since 2011 in institutions such as kindergarten, elementary school and high school. I have also teached music teaching, percussion, singing, management of musical projects and in particular been teaching piano.


I’m fluent in Italian but my mother thong is Spanish. I joined the Betzy’s School team in November 2019 as a music and Spanish teacher. I like Betzy’s School, which offers opportunities for creative development, the pleasure of exploring and knowing and participating in collective activities, be it languages, sports, music, doing an integral training. I try to promote group integration in the development of learning tasks, in the game and in the daily coexistence in my artistic area.


A space created and designed to explore, experiment, learn and make music. Singing, dancing, instrumentation as axes of introductory learning of the musical language. Integrate various styles and genres of music. Discovering the management of the singing voice (relaxation, breathing and vocalization). Also, to develop spontaneity and creativity, finding their own possibilities and skills of artistic expression. Growing in mutual respect and listening to music as an individual and collective creation. I like to listen to music of different genres; I play the piano, guitar, ukulele and percussion instruments. I’m also interested in learning languages, traveling, knowing other countries, cultures and learning from them.

“Every properly trained child can develop musical skills, just as all children develop the ability to speak their native language. The child’s potential is limitless.”

Shin’ichi Suzuki