Michael Engelbrecht Nielsen 🇩🇰🇬🇧🇮🇹






Michael Engelbrecht Nielsen, President of Betzy’s School, is dedicated to nurturing a globally connected educational environment. His initiative to partner with renowned universities across Europe goes beyond the classroom, providing students with opportunities for internships and a multilingual education that fosters true global citizenship.

Under his leadership, the school is not only advancing academically but also administratively. Michael’s approach to optimizing school operations ensures smooth and efficient management, allowing for a sharper focus on educational excellence and student development. Additionally, Michael places immense value on the relationship between the school and its families. By enhancing communication and interaction, he is creating a cohesive community where parents are actively engaged and informed, leading to a supportive and collaborative atmosphere for all. His dedication to these aspects underscores his holistic vision for Betzy’s School — one where students are equipped for success in an ever-connected world, parents are integral partners, and administrative excellence underpins the school’s mission.