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Hello, I’m Ida, a childcare professional with specialized experience in managing and nurturing young children aged 1-3 years within the Danish childcare system. Born in 1999, my journey in childcare began after spending two years in Paris as an Au pair, looking after two older children. This experience sharpened my nurturing and educational skills.

Upon my return to Denmark in late 2022, I joined Tumlebo, a well-regarded kindergarten and nursery in Bramming. Over 7 months, I worked closely with both toddlers and infants, developing skills in delivering age-appropriate educational activities and managing daily care routines.

I then transitioned to Gravhunden kindergarten in Copenhagen, where I spent a year primarily involved with the “mini kindergarten” group for children aged 1-3 years. My role focused on creating engaging learning environments, fostering social skills, and ensuring the holistic well-being of the children. Through my experiences in two distinct Danish childcare settings, I have become highly adaptable and deeply committed to supporting the developmental needs of young children, making me a valuable contributor to any educational team focused on early childhood development.