Gaston Ariel Fontán

Teacher in sport and physical activities





My name is Gastón Ariel Fontán, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since I was little, my life has been related to the world of sports, which has helped me grow both in values ​​and physically. This passion for sports led me to study for years and I even continue to do so today.

I studied the career of Professor of Physical Education at the “National University of La Plata”. I am Technical Director and Soccer Coach of the “Argentine Soccer Association” – AFA. “Adolfo Pedernera” Soccer Technical Directors School, and Physical Trainer in the City of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am also related to water sports, swimming being one of the main ones I practice and where I have a diploma in “Swimming Instruction” at the “Club Estudiantes de La Plata”.

I have been in this profession for more than 15 years, because I am convinced that physical activity and sports help children grow, even to be successful in school and in everyday life.

I have extensive experience in physical training both with children, adolescents and young people.

I have been part of the soccer school “A.S.D Real Biancavilla” since 2019 as a soccer coach.

My mother tongue is Spanish, I also speak Italian.

He joined the Betzy’s School team in October 2019 as a soccer teacher in Spanish.

At Betzy’s School my goal is to educate through movement, taking into account each child as a unique being in the world, encouraging their own initiative, proposing creative strategies that highlight the values ​​of respect, companionship and teamwork. Doing and feeling, leading education towards meaningful learning and the autonomy of children, without forgetting the recreation, enjoyment and love that one must put into everything one always does.

“Movement is of great importance in healthy growth and is a key factor in the overall development of children. Through movement, children develop their thinking and communication skills as they interact with the world. This also promotes self-confidence and also higher self-esteem. “