Federica Trovato 🇮🇹🇬🇧

Teacher in Italian





Hello, I am Federica Trovato, I am currently enriching the lives of young learners as a teacher at Betzy’s School, where I leverage my academic background and practical experiences to foster a nurturing and inclusive educational environment.

My passion for education was nurtured at the University of Catania, where I pursued a degree in Educational Sciences. During my studies, I engaged deeply with subjects such as General and Infant Pedagogy, Intercultural Pedagogy, the Methodology of Play, and Special Education, earning commendable grades that reflect my dedication and understanding of educational principles. Notably, I excelled in courses focused on corporality education and game methodology, highlighting my ability to integrate physical activity and play into learning processes effectively.

Prior to joining Betzy’s School, I gained valuable practical experience at the “Giochi di parole” play library in Catania. There, I was responsible for caring for children between the ages of one and five, including those with autism, which equipped me with significant insights into diverse developmental needs and specialized care practices.

My academic prowess is complemented by a solid foundation in health education, ancient medicine history, and general psychology, all of which enrich my holistic approach to teaching. My commitment to fostering an inclusive and adaptive learning environment is also informed by my studies in community medicine and the history of pedagogy and childhood education.

At Betzy’s School, my role involves creating educational experiences that cater to various learning styles and needs, ensuring that every child feels supported and valued. My goal is to encourage young minds to explore their potentials in a welcoming atmosphere that promotes both educational achievement and personal growth. I am passionate about advancing my expertise in educational sciences and continuously seek opportunities to integrate innovative teaching methods into my practice. My dedication to the field of education drives my commitment to contribute positively to the development and success of our students at Betzy’s School.