Ewemade Osaiyekemwen Success

Assistant Chef





My name is Success Osaiyekemwen Ewemade. I’m from Nigeria, now residing in Italy. With a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication from Ambrose Alli University in Nigeria, I’m deepening my expertise in the educational sector by studying to become a registered child minder at the Istituto Cortivo in Italy.

My personal and professional interests are deeply rooted in communication, both oral and written, and I have a vibrant background in state media journalism in Nigeria. I bring a valuable dimension of teaching experience, gained during mt years of service, which enriches my approach to child development.

Outside of my career ambitions, I enjoy a diverse range of hobbies that encompass writing, traveling, singing, and decorating. With a passion for early childhood development and nutritional science, I have committed to nurturing sensory experiences with food for nursery children, educating them about the diverse textures, tastes, and aromas, and promoting a joyful and healthy relationship with eating. My methodology do not only encourages exploration and enjoyment of various foods but also aims to bolster sensory development and instill a lifelong appreciation for good nutrition.
Mother tongue: English
Spoken languages: pidgin English, Italian