Elena Sorbello

Teacher in Italian and Development





Hello, I’m Elena Sorbello, an enthusiastic educator currently nurturing young minds at Betzy’s School. My journey began after obtaining a linguistics diploma and pursuing legal studies, reflecting my dedication to a comprehensive scope of knowledge. 

My professional path has led me to support children across various educational stages, starting as a support teacher at the Sacro Cuore Institute and then evolving into a private tutoring role. These experiences have fine-tuned my ability to customize my teaching methods to meet the distinct needs of each child. 

I’ve also served as a rehabilitative operator at Il Quadrifoglio, coordinating socio-assistential activities, which expanded my skills in collaborative and rehabilitative processes. More recently, I’ve embraced the role of a tutor at Arthema Lab, where I focused on crafting individualized learning experiences for children. 

My approach to teaching is characterized by my empathetic nature and an innovative problem-solving mindset, allowing me to create a supportive and stimulating learning environment. At Betzy’s School, I am dedicated to contributing to our collective mission of fostering academic excellence and comprehensive student development.