Clara Consoli 🇮🇹 🇬🇧

Head of administration





My name is Clara Consoli, I began my career at the University of Catania, initially working as an archivist before advancing to an administrative assistant role. In these positions, I managed both internal and external communications effectively. My ability to work collaboratively was further developed through a project in partnership with Coca-Cola HBC.

I have a strong passion for technology and information technology, demonstrated by achieving the ECDL certification in March 2021. I earned my degree in Philosophical Sciences in 2019. During the same year, I participated in a school project at a kindergarten, focusing on helping children recognize their emotions. Additionally, just months before my graduation, I completed a three-year course in philosophical counseling.

Always eager to learn and develop further, I enrolled in a master’s degree in human resources during the pandemic year, where I deepened my understanding of business organization, remuneration policies, and more. In my leisure time, I enjoy running and playing various musical instruments. (Which?) At Betzy’s School, my objective is to support the administration by handling paperwork, welcoming parents and children, and managing diverse communications, ensuring a smooth operational flow and a welcoming environment for all.