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In 2018, Adelaide Canova founded Betzy’s School in Catania, revolutionizing early childhood education with a curriculum that starts from as young as 6 months to 6 years. Adelaide integrated language learning with cognitive development and inclusivity from the earliest stages of education.
Central to her educational philosophy was the use of performing arts to enhance language skills. Adelaide believed that encouraging children to express themselves through dance, song, and dialogue was essential for language proficiency. These performance-based activities have become key in the school’s approach, enabling children to actively use new languages in creative and joyful environments.
Her inclusive and international approach to early learning has led to a curriculum that not only exposes children to multiple languages but also fosters cultural diversity. This prepares them for a globalized world. Collaborations with European universities have introduced diverse pedagogical strategies, enriching the educational experience at Betzy’s.
Today, Betzy’s School is renowned within Catania as a top international nursery and kindergarten, recognized for its progressive curriculum and success in preparing students for a globally connected future.