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Rossella Lanza

Rossella Lanza

My name is Rossella I'm 34 years old and the mother of a little girl. I have 13 years of experience in school administration and have been on the staff of Betzy’s School since 2009 supporting the philosophy of the trilingual Institute.

I am responsible for the reception, I welcome every day the children and their parents with the charisma that distinguishes me, taking care of them, the new customers and all the people in the structure, all something that is very dear to me. In my work I’m responsible for the family school communication and interaction with the management. I do my outmoste to create the necessary environment for an effective and productive School-Family relationship.

In my work I always use the highest kindness and friendliness, I welcome visitors and accompany them inside the property making them feel comfortable. If you need to make appointments with the administration or with some of the teachers I will also be the person to contact by arranging a meeting. I also deal with the presentation of documents and practices of public administration, archive cataloging and invoices, as well as being responsible for updating our customer database.


My professional focuse vary depending on the daily context. In fact, there are days when I have to be available more in one field than in another, as when I find myself preparing for one of the many performances of Betzy's School.

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