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My name is Monica Prestipino,

I was born in Ragusa (I don't write to you when 😉 and I graduated in Education Sciences in Catania in 2009.

I am an educated teacher and have been working at Betzy's School since for the last eight years.

During these years I have gained considerable experience in various areas of children's education, from the development of verbal language to that of creative expression, from socio-emotional to motor development.

I am a scrupulous and reliable professional, an active and enthusiastic person. I love my work and children are for me an authentic source of energy, which make the work as a teacher magic and with constant flow of new inspirations. I like to remember a famous aphorism of Fëdor Dostoewskij:

"When a man has great problems, he should turn to a child; it is they, in one way or another, who possess the dream and freedom."

It is therefore an immense fortune to work with children, and it is a valuable opportunity to work with the staff of Betzy's School. I find our working environment very stimulating, the collaboration with my colleagues is always constructive and helps to make every moment of my working day interesting and rich.

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