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Clara Consoli

My name is Clara.

I was born in Catania on 1 April 1992. I consider myself a dynamic person, with excellent communication skills, determined and punctual; skills that I have developed during my years of philosophical studies and matured through various work experiences.

I worked at the University of Catania as an archivist and then as an administrative assistant where I managed both internal and external communications. I like to work in a team, skills that I was able to develop also through a work project in collaboration with Coca-Cola HBC.

I love technology and information technology. In March 2021 I obtained the Ecdl certification. I graduated in philosophical sciences in 2019 and in the same year I worked for a school project in a kindergarten whose theme was to make children recognize their emotions. A few months before graduation, I also completed a three-year course in philosophical counseling. I love training and learning, which is why during the year of the pandemic I decided to enroll in a master's degree in human resources in which I learned issues relating to elements of business organization, remuneration policies and much more.

In my free time I run and play various musical instruments on my own.

My goal at Betzy's School is to assist the administration in paperwork, in welcoming parents and children, and in managing the various incoming and outgoing communications.

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