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Raimondo Vecchio

Raimondo Vecchio was born in Catania, under the protection of the Volcano, on November 16, 1957 when street games and button wars raged. After various theatrical experiences he arrives at kindergarten, a journey that has continued for almost 40 years of teaching and reading lived in schools but also in libraries, bookstores, festivals and literary reviews. For ten years he has been involved in the promotion of aloud illustrated books and conducts training workshops on the voice and the body for adults and teachers. It carries out permanent workshops for children in the construction of books, in the recovery of Sicilian tales of oral tradition, in the creation of ancient and modern games, in creative writing.


Currently engaged in the training of teachers of kindergartens and primary schools in the territorial area of ​​Catania, the passion for books and reading alternates with that for the theater that led him to play the role of the protagonist, Mangiafuoco, in the show "Pinocchio Lost ”as part of the review“ Produzione Squonk! Children at the Theater ".


He is a founding member of the Abracalibri Library, a school and neighborhood library based at the “Mario Rapisardi” Didactic Circle in Catania.

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