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My name is Asia Romania, I am a final year student of Education and Training Sciences at the University of Catania. I graduated from the high school of human sciences in Catania. I obtained three language certificates, level A1 and B1 of English, and delf A2 of French, and also an Eipass 7 computer science certificate. I attended various training courses including:

- Cognitive stimulation in dementias

- Disability: from the biometric model to the biopsychosocial model

- SEN: special educational needs

- Italian Sign Language (LIS)

- Stress and burnout

- Effective teaching and metacognition

- Emotional intelligence and the importance of educating about emotions

-Depression in children

I chose to carry out the internship at Betty's game school because I was immediately enthusiastic about your educational project, I would like to gain experience in the field and be able to work with children in a multicultural context, in favor of a pedagogy of inclusion and integration.

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