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Grazia Pulvirenti

My name is Grazia, I was born on 9 May 1992.

I consider myself a curious person, I have a passion for outdoor education, sustainability and the world of nutrition. I grew up in a large family, I'm the eldest daughter so I have always been surrounded by children, in addition to experiences of long foster care and animation.

My interest for kids led me to choose to graduate in Education at the University of Parma, during the course I worked as a Tutor to support colleagues with various disabilities. Once I graduated I went to Boston for three months to improve my English at The New England School of English near Harvard Square. Once back I decided to work at CO.P.E. in Catania because I was interested in international cooperation, after high school I went with the P.I.M.E. to Guinea Bissau. Thanks to the CO.P.E. I had the opportunity to meet many classes - from elementary to high school - to train and raise awareness on these subjects.

In the same time I chose to enroll in a three - year Master in Philosophical Counseling which ended with a six-month internship in a kindergarten where we carried out a project on basic emotions. Shortly before the pandemic I also had the opportunity to do an internship at the Lexington Montessori School near Boston (MA), during which I was able to fully experience the method in all age groups from nursery to high school with a focus on childhood.

Inside Betzy's School I am an Italian teacher who also offers an English version of the daily activities carried out. I like this school because it offers a multicultural context and multiple workshops in which everyone can find and recognize their natural inclinations.

In my free time I see TED in the original language, I enjoy doing art works, I take care of my plants and I love to do trekking / long walks (I have been a scout for ten years). Things to do again in the future: caving, going back to Africa and paragliding!

I write below a quote that I really like:

“Sow good ideas in children, because even if they don’t understand them today, one day they will flourish”

Maria Montessori

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