About us

Welcome to our Unique International Nursery and Kindergarten – Betzy’s School

(Italian, English and Spanish)

We are delighted to welcome you to our exceptional institution, where Nordic values, Montessori pedagogy, and the warm Southern Italian lifestyle come together to create a unique haven for the children of our school.

At our school, the well-being and development of children are at the forefront, and we believe that the best of both worlds can create an unforgettable childhood.

Nordic Values

We cherish Nordic values such as trust, openness, outdoor activities, and community.

These values form the foundation of our institution, where we create a safe and loving environment for our children. Here, all children and parents are part of our extended family, and together we work to strengthen the children’s self-esteem, curiosity, and social skills.

We believe that a strong foundation of Nordic values is crucial in preparing our children for the future.

Montessori Pedagogy

Our institution is strongly influenced by Montessori pedagogy, which emphasizes allowing children to explore the world through play, independence, and respect for individual needs. We provide an environment that encourages self-confidence, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Our dedicated staff is trained in Montessori methods and work closely with the children to support their personal and intellectual development. We believe that each child is unique and has their own pace and curiosity, and our pedagogy reflects this belief.

Southern Italian Family Life and Joy of Food

We believe that an important part of a healthy childhood is appreciating family life and good meals. Inspired by the Southern Italian tradition of gathering around the table, we offer our children the opportunity to experience the joy of sharing meals with friends and adults. Our kitchen is filled with delicious and nutritious Southern Italian dishes that stimulate the taste buds and promote a healthy eating culture. We believe that food is not just fuel but also a source of joy and community.

A Multicultural Environment

Our institution is a multicultural environment where English, Spanish, and Italian coexist. This creates a unique opportunity for our children to learn different languages and cultures, enriching their lives and opening doors to a global world. We believe that diversity is a strength, and our institution is a living testament to this.

Our Coherent Environment

Our integrated nursery and kindergarten offer a coherent learning environment where children can grow and explore from early childhood to school age. We prioritize continuity in the relationship between children and educators, providing a safe and stable framework for the development of deep bonds and trusting relationships. Children can learn from their older peers and help the younger ones, strengthening their social skills and solidarity.

We take pride in offering a unique combination of Nordic values, Montessori pedagogy, Southern Italian family life, and an international atmosphere. Your child is at the center of our focus, and we work tirelessly to provide them with the best start in life.

Thank you for your interest in our institution as a potential part of your family’s journey, and your child is welcome to join our unique community.